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Why Chose Us?

Legal Research and Writing

En Rangel Legal guiamos y asesoramos a sus clientes en situaciones legales importantes y complejas. Nos enfocamos en procesos de visas, inmigración y ciudadanía estadounidense.

Los procesos legales ante el USCIS, la Embajada de los EE.UU.,  y los Consulados de EE.UU., a menudo son frustrantes, confusos y angustiantes. Entendemos las complejas leyes de inmigración y las mejores prácticas ante los oficiales de visas. Estamos aquí para asesorar, guiar y preparar a nuestros clientes.


We have helped many people successfully obtain visas, green cards and U.S. Citizenship.


We do our best to obtain positive results for each client.  To do this, we listen closely and ask questions so that we can really understand each situation and what is important to the client.  We analyze legal issues and develop a unique strategy that takes into account the client’s goals and the big picture.

Justice Scale

At Rangel Legal, our lawyers are qualified to provide legal advice about US immigration, visas and citizenship. Each of our attorneys has over ten years of experience.


Rangel Legal genuinely cares about each of our clients and provides a professional, personalized service. We want all of our clients to feel that his or her case is the most important case in our office. Therefore, we strive to give you personalized attention. 


We keep you informed with status updates and take the time to answer your questions, emails and your phone calls.


We believe that giving honest advice, developing trust, communication and a quality professional relationship with each client are essential aspects of our job. 

Contract Review

We have offices in Quito, Ecuador and Chicago, Illinois. We are equipped to handle cases anywhere in the world, holding virtual meetings and using up-to date software to securely share documents.

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